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Thread: Highcharts, different versions in one Ext 4. Project

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    Default Highcharts, different versions in one Ext 4. Project


    i´m working on a older project, written with EXT 4.1, using HighCharts 2* via UX.

    Now i have to integrate some functions were highChart 4.* is needed. (Gauges)

    So i wan´t to integrate both versions parallel.
    I am using the 2 UX´es from Joe Kuan
    If i using HighCharts OLD it works.
    If i using Highchart NEW it works
    If i try to integrate both Versions parallel, it doesn´t work.

    My Installation includes:
    lib/ux/Highchart.js (Old)
    lib/ux/Chart/Highchart.js (New)

    Both libarys are loaded via INDEX Page
    <script type="text/javascript" src=".....

    Is there a solution to work via
    HighartOLD = new HighchartsOldUX(...)

    HighchartNEW= new HighchartsNewUx(...)

    Any Idea ?


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    Sounds like the two versions are conflicting -- perhaps a namespace collision. What happens when it doesn't work? What is the problem with leaving the older version behind?

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