i have a GXT app done with GXT2, migrated to GXT3 and now using GXT4/GWT2.8, all the migrations were pretty easy i would say. just few changes here and there and testing to make sure it still works

anyone has any experience with GXT4 to GXT5 migration, i removed GXT4 lib i placed the GXT5EA1 lib and there is not a single bit of code that works anymore, the whole structure of the package looks changed, all the data and stores look to be gone ...

also had a look at the kitchensink example and it looks so different

i also see on the what's new section

GXT 5 isn't built with the same architecture as GXT 4, although GXT 5 can be built and used with previous versions. Migrating from GXT 4 to GXT 5 will require changes to the ways views are built."

a start point to help with the migration to GXT5 will be great. (also a migration path will be nice)