Hi All,

I'm trying to create in architect, modern project, with menu component, a toggle menu from left or right. The menu itself is vertical scrolling. When i set to the view port the menu (reveal from right) its working just fine. The active view not scrolling and the menu itself scroll vertically, which is good. But if i do the same approach for left, the menu itself vertically scroll but also the active view scroll vertically and the viewport itself scroll every where, vertically and horizontally. Look like the viewport try to add the width to the active view width which made it scrolling horizontally. This undesired behavior happen only with a toggle from left menu. Any Idea on how i can figure a work around to make the left menu only, vertically scroll?

Here is the function we use to attache the menu by section to the viewport and make it toggle.

maybe is something i must do in architect in setting or maybe i must do something in my function? thanks for your help.
menuOpen: function(menucls,side) {

// Hide any menu
if (Ext.Viewport.getMenus().left && !Ext.Viewport.getMenus().left.isHidden()) {
var cls = Ext.Viewport.getMenus().left.xtype;
if (Ext.Viewport.getMenus().right && !Ext.Viewport.getMenus().right.isHidden()) {
var cls = Ext.Viewport.getMenus().right.xtype;

if (!menucls) return; // hide only
if (menucls==cls) return; // second click

var menu = Ext.widget(menucls);

// Close menu on click
if (!side) side = 'left';
var btns = menu.query('button');
for (var bx=0; bx<btns.length; bx++) {
var cont = btns[bx].up();
if (!cont || cont.xtype!='pagingtoolbar')
btns[bx].on('tap',function(btn) {Ext.Viewport.hideMenu(side);});

// Set new menu
Ext.Viewport.setMenu(menu,{side: side,reveal: true});