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Thread: Memory Usage in IE browser - Exponentially Increasing Resulting in Frozen Screen

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    Default Memory Usage in IE browser - Exponentially Increasing Resulting in Frozen Screen

    Hello All,

    The browser memory consumption in IE 11 keeps growing almost upto 2GB until the screen becomes frozen. Sometimes, the response comes back with data, but fails further with the following error.

    "Not enough storage is available to complete this operation."

    The following is the use case we are executing here.

    Client makes a request to server
    Client receives the response - data of size around 11 MB or more.
    Store is loaded with the returned data.

    The above use case is done in repetition, but it is not lasting for more than 5 -6 times after which the screen freezes or the above error is thrown. Our observation is that for each run of the above test, memory usage increases by around 300 MB. Following screenshot shows the memory usage pattern.


    We also tried a variant of the above test run without the loading the returned data in the store, but the memory usage pattern is almost the same with little difference. Following is the screenshot for case when not loading the data into the store.


    We are using extjs api version 5. This issue happens in IE 11 and the memory usage seems normal in other browsers for the same code.

    Any insight into this problem is much appreciated!

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    Hello Everyone,

    Does anyone have any inputs in this regard?


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    Saravana -

    Loading 11MB of data might be the issue. Have you tried using the buffered renderer? It's what it is designed to address.

    While this is an older video, concept is the same.

    Kevin Jackson
    Sencha Support Team

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