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Thread: Ext 5.1.1 Chart Z-Index Issues

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    Default Ext 5.1.1 Chart Z-Index Issues

    We recently experienced an issue with a border layout. We have a panel that extends from the "west" and some charts on the center panel. The issue is when the western panel expands it covers the charts but the z-indexing of the panel and charts conflicts and it acts as if the chart is above the panel. So when you try and click something on the panel it thinks you are clicking the chart. Even the tooltips will appear if you highlight the area where the bar would be. We want the panel to be usable even with the charts behind them.

    Here is a fiddle to demonstrate:

    The recommended solution was to put in a CSS override :
    .x-border-region-slide-in { z-index: 999; }
    That works, but we aren't sure of other effects that might have across our application. We were wondering if anyone else has run into this case and might have come up with a more solid solution? Perhaps a fix for the issue with the charts themselves?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Sorry for the bump. I was hoping to get some fresh eyes on this and see if anyone has run into this issue or might know of a better fix. Thanks.

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