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Thread: Chromebook Tooltip Issue

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    Default Chromebook Tooltip Issue

    Our Application is built using ExtJS 5.1.
    When it is accessed in Chromebook OS (Chrome Browser) the tooltip on the component stays visible for long time. We are using "Ext.tip.QuickTipManager" class to create tooltip. In an ideal scenario the tooltip will hide within a second. However in this case it stays for long time. Like for 3-5 seconds. This either makes the UI non-readable or we can't navigate further because the components below the tooltip is hidden.

    The same code works fine in Windows OS in all browsers

    Is anyone aware of this issue or any fix available ?

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    Dear Sencha Support Team ,

    You have any fixes for this ?
    This is one of our customer escalation and we are not able to find the core extjs problem.
    Requesting your support in finding the fixes for this

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    If you require a reply in a timely fashion, please open a ticket in our support portal.
    Mitchell Simoens @LikelyMitch

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