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Thread: typeahead in combobox clicking on screen after selecting value throws error

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    Default typeahead in combobox clicking on screen after selecting value throws error

    i am experiencing an error , when i activate typeahead in combobox if i select a value from the dropdown menu
    and then i click outside of the combobox, it looks like the framework is trying to load the model related to the store
    from a totally wrong path :

    http://localhost/App.model.features....=1484072737188 404 (Not Found)

    Actually it is trying to look for the model in the root of nodejs server path.

    If i don't activate typeahead it is working well loading the model successfully.

    xtype: 'combobox',
    reference: 'reasonCode',
    cls: [
    margin: '10 0 0 0 ',
    width: 645,
    fieldLabel: 'Reason Code',
    labelSeparator: ' ',
    labelWidth: 200,
    msgTarget: 'under',
    name: 'reasonCode',
    allowBlank: false,
    enableKeyEvents: true,
    displayField: 'reasonDesc',
    forceSelection: true,
    queryMode: 'local',
    typeAhead: true,
    valueField: 'reasonCode',
    bind: {
    store: '{reasonCodeStore}'
    listeners: {
    select: 'onReasonCodeSelect'

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    Thanks for the report. Can you please post a test case which reproduces this issue?

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