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Thread: 6.2.1 classic: Ext.window.Toast change log not reflected in docs/sources

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    Default Answered: 6.2.1 classic: Ext.window.Toast change log not reflected in docs/sources

    Hello. There must be something wrong with me, but I see this change on Ext.window.Toast in 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 change log:

    - Ext.window.Toast: removed autoLoadDelay config option

    But I still see the config option both in code and documentation:
    - Ext.window.Toast.autoLoadDelay - ExtJS 6.2.1 classic API docs

    I also see Ext.window.Toast.afterPositioned() uses the autoCloseDelay. So maybe this change log has been added by mistake, similarly to the other report here?
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  2. Fabrico,

    Thanks for taking a look at the changelog and evaluate the SDK. Actually, there were duplicates of the config and one of the duplicates was removed. So the changelog is accurate, but it could certainly be seen as misleading without further context.


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