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Thread: IE 8 Issue for Check box checked code

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    Default IE 8 Issue for Check box checked code

    Hi Team,

    I am using following code,This is working in Chrome and IE 11 but not working in IE 8.

    Please suggest the answer.

    url: 'Basel3TenorReferenceDetailServlet?type=getSelectedCheckBoxes&TENOR_CODE='+tenor_code+'&userID='+userID,
    method : 'GET',
    headers: {
    "Content-Type": "application/json"

    callback: function(options, success, response) {
    // console.log(response.responseText);
    //var selectedArray =JSON.parse(response.responseText);
    var selectedArray = Ext.decode(response.responseText);
    // console.log(;
    for(var j=0;j<;j++)


    In red color line of code giving error in IE 8(Unable to get property 'Setvalue' of undefined or null reference ).

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    This seems to be missing some info so I can test. Do you have (or can you put together) a Fiddle that demonstrates the scenario you've described?


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