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Thread: RowExpander Plugin and bodyRowTpl text resets

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    Lightbulb RowExpander Plugin and bodyRowTpl text resets

    I'm having a strange issue with the RowExpander plugin inside of my Ext.grid.Panel component. This table is also backed by a component to handed the data via a REST Api

    So I'm dynamically loading in some values from an Ajax when the user clicks on the expand button, the row opens and makes an Ajax call using the expandbody event method.

    That works great with no issues.

    The problem is that when scroll down the the page, the table rows that were open lose all there data.

    So even though the row has been updated the information doesn't seem to be saved into the dom or something.

    Any thoughts clues, suggestions, etc?

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    Can you provide a test case demonstrating the issue? If you can post your code here or (even better) create a Fiddle, I'll be happy to test this along with you.


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