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Thread: Better syntax to programmatically call a view controller method by name?

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    Default Better syntax to programmatically call a view controller method by name?

    I have a button like:
    	xtype : 'button',
    	text : 'OK',
    	handler : function(toolbar, event){
                // do something before calling view controller by name (onOkOptions)
    	    Ext.callback('onOkOptions', toolbar.scope || toolbar.origScope, arguments, undefined, this);
    Do we have a better syntax that this very long Ext.callback to be able to ask the code to find the viewcontroller and call it's method by name?

    I know Sencha code use the same very long method, it looks wrong, and even if it work I don't understand the parameters...

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    Why can't you set handler to a string?

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