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Thread: Can Sencha Architect work on the Ouput produced by other tool

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    Default Can Sencha Architect work on the Ouput produced by other tool


    Can Sencha Architect take any input from other tool and use it. Ex: If I have a tool that converts Power builder to Ext JS, then can Sencha pick up that Ext JS output and process it as desired.


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    Just to clarify you question. You are asking if you can use any ExtJS code (generated for example by some tool) inside the SA?

    The answer is yes. In Architect you can add plain JS resources to your app and there you can put any javascript code you desire and use it in your app.

    This answer might be interesting for you.

    Please let us know if this is the answer you are looking for or try to describe your problem little bit more.

    Thank you

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    Thanks petr for the quick reply.

    Would it possible to Import Ext JS code from another tool and process it in Architect such that I get 'Sencha Architect Standard' Ext JS Code? Basically I have Ext JS code generated by another application and now I want the Ext JS code to follow 'Sencha Archtiect Standard'.
    Please help me understand if we can achieve it (possibly without metadata), and as simple as to import and use.

    Thank You,

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    I think he is asking, can you take an existing extJS 6 app and import it into Architect.
    Architect would be such a great, general purpose extJS editor would it not?

    I am new to Sencha extJS and Architect and I find this a very annoying policy on your part.
    Do you know how difficult it is for a beginner that all your tools are separate worlds?
    I see that one can take an existing extJS app and maybe do something with it as a 'User Extension' but
    it would not be editable within Architect.
    I like what looks like a the new feature of creating a plain extJS resource.

    But for the most part, it seems either one does extJS the hard way or you use Architect
    and there is no exchange between them.

    I started using Architect because your Cmd tool 'generates' a sample project, not even a blank starter project.
    I found I can generate a blank project in Architect and then edit that
    as an extJS6 app in VS-Code but then I can't do anything further with it in Architect.

    There is a big gulf between the getting-started docs and the examples.
    If we want to use one of the online examples, finding the code and making an app for them is difficult.
    I have found the Admin-Dashboard and the available extJS app code is not editable in architect. So back
    to doing things the hard way in VS-Code.

    Given the grand scope of all your other efforts, SURELY having a facility in Architect to take an
    existing non-architect project and import it and make it fully editable is not rocket science.
    User extension are a start but not having the code be manageable inside Architect is a let-down.
    The blogs show this has been requested by people since 2012.
    Thank you.


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