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Thread: How to apply click handler to multiple elements inside a template

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    Default How to apply click handler to multiple elements inside a template

    I want to apply a click event to a `span` tag inside a `div` tag.

    HTML Code:
      items: [                                  
     tpl: new Ext.XTemplate(            
     '<div class="test"> Hello world<span class="icon-gear"></span></div>'            
     listeners: {             
     'afterrender': function(this) {                  
     this.el.on('click', this.onClick, this, { delegate: '.test' });               
    'click': function() { this.onSpanClick() }                            

    and below is the click function:

    HTML Code:
        onClick: function (e) {       //some stuff here    },
        onSpanClick: function() {     //some stuff here    }
    now in the above case, when clicked on the container `class="test"`, it goes into the onClick() and works as expected. However when clicked on span element, it still goes to the `onClick()` instead of going to the `onSpanClick()`.
    Is there a way to differentiate between clicks from different elements?


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    Event delegation won't work when you have another target inside your delegated target. Are you trying to call both on click of the span?

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