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Thread: Sencha CMD 6.2 seems to ignore config "ext.dir"

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    Default Sencha CMD 6.2 seems to ignore config "ext.dir"

    When working locally, I have the framework files within workspace/ext which is working just fine.
    Since there's no need to put all framework files under source control, I need to have them outside of the project/workspace directory on the build server (e.g. D:\ext-6.2.0).

    I've managed to do this using a build command like sencha config --prop ext.dir="D:\ext-6.2.0" ... then app build classic which was working just fine with Ext 6.0.1 & Sencha Cmd

    However since I've upgraded my app to ExtJS 6.2.0 and Sencha Cmd I'm getting the following error if there's no ext framework directory within my workspace (e.g. after fresh checkout from source control on build server):

    [INF] Configuration property changed. Reloading build environment state.
    [ERR] Cannot satisfy requirements for "ext"!
    [INF] The following versions are available:
    [INF] ( ... compatible back to 4.0)
    [INF] ( ... compatible back to 4.0)
    [INF] ( ... compatible back to 4.0)
    [INF] ( ... compatible back to 4.0)
    [INF] ( ... compatible back to 6.0.0)
    [ERR] The following versions cannot be satisfied:
    [ERR] root: [email protected] (No matches!)
    [ERR] Cannot resolve package requirements

    Error level: 321
    I've also tried putting ext.dir="D:\ext-6.2.0" into all sencha.cfg files which doesn't work either.

    Also I've realized that the same error occurs, if I try to build the upgraded ExtJS 6.2.0 app with the old Sencha Cmd for which it seems that the problem is not within the new Sencha Cmd but the new framework version.

    Long story short:

    How can I build an ExtJS 6.2.0 app where the framework files are not saved within workspace/ext but somewhere else?

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    The framework needs to be in the workspace root, the directory name no longer needs to specifically be "ext".

    Thanks to the framework management commands, you can now have many frameworks in the same workspace, which is why setting "ext.dir" no longer works. The property that you want to set is "workspace.ext.path".

    Ultimately, I think the best approach in your case is to create a symlink that points to the directory you want, instead of passing this property each time.
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    Hy israelroldan,

    thanks for the answer so far!

    I can't get it to work using workspace.ext.path. I've tried the following variations:
    • Adding workspace.ext.path=D:\ext-6.2.0 to workspace/.sencha/workspace/sencha.cfg
    • Adding workspace.ext.path=D:\ext-6.2.0 to workspace/base-name/project-name/.sencha/app/sencha.cfg
    • Applying it via an Sencha CMD line argument (--prop workspace.ext.path="D:\ext-6.2.0")

    Your second suggestion, using a Symlink, works just fine and represents a feasible alternative approach.

    Nonetheless I'd still appreciate if we could figure out, why setting workspace.ext.path didn't work for me?

    Thanks & best regards

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