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Thread: Download of Sencha Cmd 6.2.1 for Linux is not possible

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    Default Download of Sencha Cmd 6.2.1 for Linux is not possible

    The download of Sencha Cmd v6.2.1 for Linux (64 bit) isn’t possible.
    The URL returns a HTTP 404.
    This is also the case with the previous version.
    Also, the upgrade via »sencha upgrade« fails as well.

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    Hi boman64,

    May I ask where you got that link? The reason I'm asking is we switched from to quite a while ago and we just confirmed that our known links (product page and latest emails) were pointing to

    I will admit, I've heard of some people still getting redirected to but working with them directly and attempting to reproduce has all failed.
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    The link was from the official Sencha download page. Well, not directly: The link on this page redirects me to, which in turn will redirect me to

    But I've solved this in the meantime. Obviously the »HTTPS Everywhere« browser extension seems to be the cause of my problems. If I switch it off, the download works fine.

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