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Thread: Missing readonly cls on field when readOnly is set in fieldDefaults

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    Default Missing readonly cls on field when readOnly is set in fieldDefaults

    Setting readOnly: true renders the field with x-form-readonly and its input tag with the proper readonly attributes.

    When readOnly: true is set by fieldDefaults, the x-form-readonly cls is not present on the rendered field. The input's readonly tags, however, are correctly set.

    See Fiddle example:
    • run the example
    • see that the first textfield does not have its text colored grey or have the '<= readOnly' content added to it (which is applied to all x-form-readonly classes, configured in style.css)

    Tested on:

    • Chrome, Ext JS classic (Neptune & Triton)
    • Chrome, Ext JS classic (Neptune & Triton)

    Expected: field with readOnly: true set by fieldDefaults to render with x-form-readonly.
    Got: no x-form-readonly on rendered field.

    This could be because Ext.form.Labelable#setFieldDefaults only sets property values instead of using that property's setter method. if available. When setFieldDefaults is called, the component is already initialized, but is still in the process of rendering. At this point just applying default values does not seem to cut it.
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