Hi, there.

I was creating drag-and-drop in Ext.DataView for my gallery in system when I decided to change version ExtJs from 6.0.1 to 6.2.0. After that my code has broken. If you click on an image and hold the button on your mouse and move an image to reorder position an image isn't moved. But after you holdout button an image goes to move.

If you lower the version of ExtJs to 6.0.1 my code starts to work. Why is that? What’s wrong? Is it my mistake?

You can see how it works here: http://demo.weborobot.ru/admin/#!|se...pdateTab/tab_8

You can see the code of my Ext.DataView here: http://demo.weborobot.ru/component/A.../ImagesZone.js

Sorry for my English, I’m from Russia