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Thread: Window with VC not finding reference on show - fiddle

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    Default Window with VC not finding reference on show - fiddle

    Hi folks - I'm slightly baffled that a simple Window cannot resolve its VC on 'show' event. The attached fiddle will work - it has a window with VC. Click the button to see the VC correctly resolved.

    If you un-comment the 'show' event however, the code will fail in the console because the function can't be found. Lots of my code works like this already, am I doing something stupid?

    I've tried using add() instead of widget() in case it's some kind of MVC nesting issue but Ext just seeks the function in the wrong VC - the top-level VC applied to the viewport.

    Any help very much appreciated. Thx

    Ext.define('Admin.view.window.MyWindowController', {
        extend : '',
        alias  : 'controller.mywindow',
        doShowStuff : function() {
            Ext.Msg.alert('SHOW STUFF!');
        doOkStuff : function() {
            Ext.Msg.alert('OK STUFF!');
    Ext.define('Admin.view.window.MyWindow', {
        extend     : 'Ext.window.Window',
        alias      : 'widget.mywindow',
        autoShow   : true,
        controller : 'mywindow',
        width      : 200,
        height     : 200,
        html       : 'I am your window',
        buttons : [
            { text : 'OK', handler : 'doOkStuff', scope : 'controller' }
        listeners : [
        //    { show : 'doShowStuff', scope : 'controller' },

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    The "listeners" config is an object, you've specified it as an array. So this is the right way to do it for your case:
    listeners: {
      show: 'doShowStuff',
    You don't have to specify the scope in this case. It will resolve to the view controller.

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