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Thread: [Problem] Datepicker gives no response

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    Default [Problem] Datepicker gives no response

    Hi all,

    My production App with the datepicker fields not function properly recently. When user choose a date, then clicked Done. It used to retrieving data according to the date select, however now it shows the date selected but no response afterwards and keep masking.

    When I tried to track what happened using Chrome console, "listener: initialize: function() {console.log( 'hi');...}" does not even works.

    There seems similar problem to the example in:!/example/pickers

    I am new to Sencha, please help!! Please let me know if there is any solution or quick fix to it.

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    That seems like a bug. I couldn't find a bug ticket for this issue (to see about a workaround), but it works as expected in Touch 2.4.2:

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