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Thread: Google Maps Error

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Thanks Richardvd,
    this solve my problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by richardvd View Post
    Under your project directory, there is an overrides folder. In that folder, create a file named Override.mixin.Mashup.js and paste the code in there. Replace MY_APIKEY by your own Google Maps API key.

    After dragging the Ext.Map component to your canvas in Sencha Architect, you may notice that the Google Maps API gets added as a resource. This is a bug, because as of Ext 6.2 (Modern) the Ext.Map component already loads the Google Maps API on its own. So you should delete the Google Maps API resource in the Project Inspector.

    If all is set up correctly you should not see any warnings in your browser's Javascript console while displaying a Google Map in your Modern app.

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    IMHO the requiredScripts should be configured by the google maps api object in SA

    that way you can set your key, so in SA, I'd create the override to REMOVE the requiredScripts, then use the configurable 'google maps api' for projects.

    that way you can just include the override without settings,

    Ext.define('Override.mixin.Mashup', {
        override: 'Ext.mixin.Mashup',
        onClassMixedIn: function (targetClass) {
            if (targetClass.$className === '') {
                targetClass.prototype.requiredScripts = []
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