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Thread: Slider with Chart control

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    Default Slider with Chart control

    Is there any way we can have slider with chart(i.e bar chart or line chart)?. While changing the slider(assuming multi Slider with min and max) the graph has to be changed.

    For Example
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    What you need is to just change the data in your store and your chart will be render the changes.

    Here are the code snippets:
    xtype: 'panel',border: true,
    items: [{
        // this is select field for selecting the store data field
        xtype: 'selectfield',
        reference: 'dataSelectField',
        itemId: 'dataSelectFieldId',
        label: 'Select data',
        displayField: 'category',
        store: 'ChartStore', //the store which is used in Chart
        listeners: {
            change: 'onDataSelectFieldIdChange'
    }, {
        // this is the slider 
        xtype: 'sliderfield',
        reference: 'dataSliderRef',
        label: 'Value',
        liveUpdate: true,
        maxValue: 800,
        listeners: {
            change: 'onSliderfieldChange'
    // Here are the controller functions:
    onDataSelectFieldIdChange: function(selectfield, newValue, oldValue, eOpts) {
        var slider= this.lookupReference('dataSliderRef');
    onSliderfieldChange: function(me, newValue, oldValue, eOpts) {
        var actualModel = this.lookupReference('dataSelectField').getSelection();
    In action:
    Of course there is multiple ways how to do it.

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