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Thread: app.json in the docs

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    Default app.json in the docs

    Historically, when you'd upgrade an app with the newest framework and version of Cmd you'd get new abilities - all facilitated through config options in app.json. But, app.json with its inline documentation didn't itself get updated in your app. Instead, to see the new bits you'd need to open the file in the hidden ".sencha" folder.

    As of today, we're publishing a copy of the app.json file out to the docs:

    This file will be updated with each GA release of Cmd so you'll have a single point of reference to hail back to when looking for config options. The file isn't going anywhere, so you can still reference it at will. But, now you'll have an option online with the other guides / docs as well as on-disc.

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    It would be nice to have a documentation that doesn't miss half of the possible properties/values and actually has descriptions for all of them.

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