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Thread: Fiddle Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

    You found a bug! We've classified it as FIDDLE-445 . We encourage you to continue the discussion and to find an acceptable workaround while we work on a permanent fix.
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    Default Fiddle Editor Keyboard Shortcuts


    I am sorry if this has been answered before, I couldn't find anything in the forum.

    Is it possible to change the keyboard shortcuts in the Fiddle editor? My problem is that Ctrl-n is normally used for Line Down in OS X (or Emacs), but in the Fiddle editor this key combination asks me if I want to create a new fiddle. Also Ctrl-b doesn't move the caret on character back. It goes to the beginning of the file and reformats the code.

    After running into other problems with Fiddle 1.1 I now understand that it is no longer maintained and bugs will not be fixed. Is it possible to change the keyboard shortcuts in the (hopefully soon) upcoming Fiddle 2.0? That would be nice

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a feature request in our bug tracker.

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