Hello, i have a question about pivot grid. My task is to handle the data to be displayed in a pivot grid.
Data looks like this:

Company Product Option Group Base Incremental Total
Microsoft Prod1 Price No change 5.18 6.12 5.78
Microsoft Prod1 Volume No change 10000 12000 11500
Microsoft Prod1 Price Change 6.14 7.15 7.8
Microsoft Prod1 Volume Change 12455 13411 14522

So to make pivot grid correct, the question right now is, is it possible to have on the top level of leftAxis displayed like this:

Row 1. is headers of piot grid first leftAxis then topAxis
1. Company | Product | Option | No Change/Price | No Change/Volume | Change/Price | Change/Volume
2. Microsoft -> row1 (subtotal of Price)
-> row2 (subtotal of Volume)

And if you expand microsoft you get Products again each with two rows for Price and Volume?

Because i can not apply this to pivot grid. All the time i get just one row at Company level and the one row at Product level when Company level expanded, and when Product level expanded i get 2 rows (Price and Volume).

Should this be made with remote matrix? Or if possible please advice how to achieve this, that you have 2 rows on top level instead of one.

Thank you