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Thread: Quick Start Guide Failure

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    Default Quick Start Guide Failure

    Hey Guys,

    As a long time Sencha user, developer and appreciator of the framework, including Modern and Classic since their inceptions... I have to say that it is beyond frustrating when a simple Quick Start Guide cannot be completed without an error.

    Fails in this step of the Quick Start Guid:

    In my case, I have a potential customer that has heard about and seen sencha apps in the wild.

    These are technical people so they go to the quick start guide for a brief walkthrough and look at some JS, Ext Components, and ultimately sencha cmd.

    So when following the instructions in the guide to download the Quick Start code and run

    sencha app install --framework=/place/where/framework/lives

    sencha cmd fails saying "[ERR] No workspace found. Run 'sencha workspace init' first."

    So the natural reaction is to run "sencha workspace init" (which is not in the Quick Start Guide)

    which yields this response:

    [INF] Initializing empty workspace at /Users/scottsalisbury/extsandbox/QuickStart-master
    [WRN] Failed to resolve package theme-material
    [WRN] Failed to resolve package font-awesome

    So if that's not confusing enough, back to the Quick Start guide to take the next step:

    So the next step in the Quick Start guide is to run "sencha app build"
    which fails with this response:

    [ERR] Unable to load required framework: ext@null

    Sencha app watch fails with the same message.

    Bottom line is that this creates a [expletive] terrible impression for people that might otherwise be excited about the framework. And also embarrassing for those of us that are out their bragging about the framework.

    Can you please fix this so that prospective customers (yours and mine) can get through the quick start guide cleanly?


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    Also note earlier bug I posted to the forum related to this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_A View Post
    Also note earlier bug I posted to the forum related to this
    Hey Thanks Matt for your response!

    I did see your post when I was researching this issue. I was thinking I could not possibly be the only one to stumble upon this. It would be nice to get a response from Sencha Support - and ultimately to have this fixed.

    With all of the improvements and forward progress with the framework it is disappointing that something like this happens in a quick start guide. This was obviously not tested with Ext JS 6.2 and Sencha Command If someone is looking at Sencha for the first, this creates a terrible first impression. Disappointing.


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    Thanks for the report. I've reported the issue via the other thread.

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