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Thread: Get record original value in getRowClass

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    Default Get record original value in getRowClass


    I have function like below which converts incoming field value i..e Y/N to true/false.
    function convertCheckboxVal(v) {
         return v === true || v === 'Y';
    function serializeCheckboxVal(v) {
        return v ? 'Y' : 'N';
    Ext.define('Abc.view.component.model.ReviewFlagColumn', {
        extend: '',
        alias: 'data.field.reviewFlagColumn',
        name: 'REVIEW_FLAG_COLUMN',
        convert: convertCheckboxVal,
        serialize: serializeCheckboxVal
    But i have a requirement where in based on this Y/N value only i need to do some highlighting in getRowClass. Here i always get true/false. Can i get the original value before convert?.

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    No, there's nothing that stores the original value.

    Can you explain why it matters? In getRowClass you still have a boolean that's easier to test, as opposed to "Y" or "N".
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    Yeah i have true/false value with me, but user configures seeing the backed values as Y and configures saying highlight the row when value is Y.

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