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Thread: Extjs 6.2 : setValue Method on textfield render

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTJS-22812 in 6.2.1.
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    Default Extjs 6.2 : setValue Method on textfield render

    I'm using ExtJs 6.2,

    On a textfield render event, I used to use the setValue method with extjs 6.0.1, but after the upgrade this method occurs an Extjs error with a bad display

    You see it in the following fiddle:

    Is it a bug ? or agreed ?

    Thank you

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    Curious why you are doing this in a listener? Why shouldn't you just use the value config?

    Also, the emptyClsElements array is set in the afterRender method so if you used afterrender event then no error will occur.
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    Our web application is quite complicated and surrounded by business rules, This is why we made this choice for some situations.
    As solution, I am already using the afterrender event.
    But I think if it's a bug it should be reported !

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    A bit of an odd use case, but there's no reason why this shouldn't work.

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    Hello, same bug for me! (on version

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