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Thread: Clicking a menu separator leads to a JS error

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default Clicking a menu separator leads to a JS error

    ExtJS Version:


    When clicking a menuseparator in a menu a JS error is thrown

    Expected Result:
    The click is ignore, no JS error is thrown.

    Fiddle with example:

    As this bug is caused by a private method of, no good workaround is possible AFAIK (i.e. an override).
    One could theoretically open and replace the current onFocusableContainerMousedown method in the framework code
    //mostly copy-paste from in ExtJS 5.1.3
        onFocusableContainerMousedown: function(e, target) {
            var targetCmp = Ext.Component.fromElement(target);
            this.mousedownTimestamp = targetCmp === this ? : 0;
            //only instances of the menuseparator widget (and its subclasses) has the separatorCls property
            if (targetCmp.separatorCls || targetCmp === this || !targetCmp.getFocusEl().contains(target)) {

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    Thanks for the report. Looks like this issue has been resolved. Although I can see it in 5.1.3, I can't recreate using a nightly release of 5.1.4.

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    Thanks valio, Your suggestion helped me to create an override. we were not in a state upgrade the Ext JS build.

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