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Thread: The components or mixins I want is not included in the Add UI list

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    Default The components or mixins I want is not included in the Add UI list

    The starter app includes a UI named 'Navigation'.
    I wanted to pull that UI out of the app and put it into Themer.
    It does not seem that that is yet possible.
    At least until Tab or Tab-Panel is included on the list of available mixins/components when adding a UI in Themer.

    Further, the 'Navigation' UI includes Bar as well as Tab components.
    It does not appear that Themer currently supports creating UI's that leverage multiple mixins/components.

    Am I understanding this correctly?

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    The navigation ui isn't part of the framework, rather it's generated by cmd when creating the starter app. You can find it in sass/src/view/main/Main.scss. That said, there isn't really a way to pull it into themer.

    We're actively working on expanding the list of components for which you can create UIs. That is a priority for the 1.1.0 release.

    Regarding UIs that affect multiple components. We're still discussing how to handle that. At a minimum you'll be able to create a TabPanel UI and a Bar UI with the same name so that when applied to a TabPanel, the UI for the Bar will automatically be applied. We're also considering grouping the styles for highly coupled components into a single UI where appropriate as well.

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