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Thread: Migration to whole ExtJs (created outside of Sencha Arch) project to Sencha Architect

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    Default Migration to whole ExtJs (created outside of Sencha Arch) project to Sencha Architect

    We want to use Sencha Architect 3.5.
    We've created a huge project based on ExtJs6.0 (outside of Sencha Architect IDE). We did not use Secha Architect.
    But now we want to use Sencha Atchitect3.5 to developed and maintain our project. Now we are facing a lot of problems to migrate our whole ExtJs (created outside of Sencha Architect IDE) project to Sencha Architect . But now we are facing a lot of problems. Because all those files are created out side of Sencha Architect.
    Some problems are stated as below:

    a) All the views those has been created out side of sencha architect not supporting in Sencha Architect.
    b) Global controller file (which created by using of Architect) can not be override.
    c) Can create new custom control or extended control. But unable to use our existing custom or control (created outside Sencha Architect IDE).
    d)There are a lot ViewModel files which were developed outside of Sencha Architect 3.5. But those files (created outside of Sencha Architect) not recognized Sencha Archtect. How can I override those file. There are so many stores,Formulas has been written in side those ViewModels.
    e) We want to inherit all our view controller from a base controller. All ready did it in our existing project. How can we do it through Sencha Architect.

    How we can solve the above mentioned problems.

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    Unfortunately the scenario of importing existing Ext JS application into Architect is not supported. When you would like to use SA you should start the project already in SA.

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