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Thread: How to override ViewModel object.

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    Default How to override ViewModel object.

    I'm using Sencha Architect 3.5.
    Our project contains huge number of forms. There are some ViewModel files which were developed outside of Sencha Architect 3.5. Now we decided to use Sencha Architect always.
    But those files (created outside of Sencha Architect) not recognized Sencha Archtect. What should I do now?
    How can I override those file. There are so many stores,Formulas has been written in side those ViewModels.

    Please give me some ideas how to solve this problem.

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    What you can do is to create the class and its ViewModel inside SA. Select ViewModel in the Project Inspector and click on Create Override and past your code there.

    It could work for you. But you will not see them nicely (stores, forumals etc) in the project inspector.


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