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Thread: Server Side And Client Side Communication

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    Default Server Side And Client Side Communication

    Hi folk,
    I've developing an ajax application. But i can't decide exactly that communication structure.My application's base not completely extJs framework.Becuase i've heard extJs about 2 weeks ago. For that reason for example server respond html and js mixed in generally.I parse JS manually at client side.How should i use a communication strucatute. I can't use JSON completely becuase respond's html tags too.
    What's your suggestion.

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    If you have limitations on what type of response will come back, then you're going to be limited in how much you can use Ext. Ext works great with JSON data, if that's not available then you might need to convert whatever you get back into an array manually and use something like a SimpleStore with an ArrayReader. It depends what the data is coming back and what you're using it for though.

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    I may be misunderstanding your question, but maybe you want to use IFrames. There's a nice extension called Managed IFrames (MIF) in the forums.

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