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Thread: POST method in Data.Store

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    Default POST method in Data.Store

    Please help!
    I want to load a grid , but using a POST method , and that upon my inquiry add two parameters , I need help because I have no idea how to create the store , I read post about the method post in Ext.Ajax.Request , but the truth is that I fail to understand , the type of arrangement that my receipt by the URL is the following type:

    [ {Id : "1 " name : "Peter " , etc : " etc "} ]

    Please help.
    I am using Extjs 4 please help

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    You should be able to add additional parameters using the extraParams config on your proxy.

    By default, grids read using GET.

    You can probably set to POST using something like the following:
    Ext.apply(, {
    	actionMethods : {create: "POST", read: "POST", update: "POST", destroy: "POST"}

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    You could tell , about how to make it work in my .A broader example would be more helpful and I would greatly appreciate it !Thank you

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