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Thread: Announcing Matila Beta 1

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    Default Announcing Matila Beta 1

    Hello People,

    I m super happy to announce the release of Matila

    We started Matila with the vision of simplifying and unifying the way with manage our content (Documents, video, audio, photos, etc ...)

    Matila provides a single interface where you can easily manage all your files. Local or on any cloud service.

    Heres a highlight of some of Matilas best features so far:

    - Open and save any file on the local hard drive or on any cloud service (DropBox and Google Drive for now)
    - Edit/Delete local and remote files/folders
    - Support for around 100 programming languages with syntax highlighting
    - 30 Themes for text based files
    - Support for PDFs, Office files
    - Audio/Video player
    - Preview for HTML and Markdown files
    - 3 ways to browse your content

    What s next ?
    - Search: Search across the local file system and any connected could service
    - Move files across services with a simle drag and drop
    - Suppot for Box, One Drive, etc ...
    - Auto save
    - Remember opened files.
    - And more ....

    Please keep in mind that this is beta release. So expect some bugs.

    We love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have



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    Just played around with it. Great tool. Good luck

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