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Thread: Use up/down or Ext.ComponentQuery for better performace

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    Default Use up/down or Ext.ComponentQuery for better performace


    I usually use up/down using xtypes to reach a element. Now i find another method like Ext.ComponentQuery. I am not using itemIds. Want to know

    a. When to use which 1?
    b. Which is good for performance doing like ob.up('panel').up('panel') or using Ext.ComponentQuery directly.
    c. Ext.ComponentQuery if second parameter is not defined it searches globally?

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    The difference here is the up/down/query/child methods start at a point whereas Ext.ComponentQuery.query does not start anywhere and will start resolving components at any level.
    When he says "start resolving components at any level". What does any level mean? does he mean to say start at level 0?

    My scenario: I have a tab panel, each tab will have 4-5 components max. I would need to search components in a single tab. So it it better to do a up/down or use ComponentQuery for this scenario?

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    down() uses component query, rooted at the current container. up() just loops up through the component hierarchy.

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