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Thread: Find the grid on which the context menu item is clicked on

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    Default Find the grid on which the context menu item is clicked on


    I have a grid panel and i have a item context menu on it, which have sub items as well. When a user clicks on the sub menu item or context menu item, i want to know on which grid panel this context menu is on. Can i do this?

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    You only mentioned one grid panel. Do you mean that you'd like to know which cell was right-clicked?

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    Yeah that is also 1 requirement and if i get that may be i can find out the grid info also.

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    You could just assign grid to your menu when you create the menu.
    If you have set-up a "itemcontextmenu(view, record)" event handler on the grid panel, you can get the grid panel by getting table view's owner container ("view.ownerCt").

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    I want the gird info when i click on the menu item in context menu

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