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Thread: (Modern) JSON submit using formpanel

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    Default (Modern) JSON submit using formpanel

    Hello all, I have a question regarding ExtJS 6 Modern (and I post on this forum because I use Architect almost exclusively).

    On previous versions you could set jsonSubmit as true in formpanel in order to send your params as json, however this isn't the case in Modern. Is there a workaround/override I can use to do this?

    I know I can use Ext.Ajax to make a request, but I really like the formpanel implementation because of the event managing... It'd be great if it could be done.

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    You might take a look at this article, minus being in Sencha Architect, seem relevant to adding the missing functionality.

    Let me know if that helps, I can then file a feature request to add this to the Modern toolkit.


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