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Thread: scrollerAutoRefresh: false of pullrefresh causes infinite list not scrolling right

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default scrollerAutoRefresh: false of pullrefresh causes infinite list not scrolling right

    ExtJs Version:

    Test case:

    This is my an other application:

    Bug Description:
    In an infinite list's scroller, the autoRefresh should be null.
    But the default value of scrollerAutoRefresh in plugin pullrefresh is false, it causes the onElementResize listener to be removed from the list's scroller. So the scroll indicator-y is not acting right.

    It ocurrs only in mobile devices, you need to simulate a mobile device if you are using a desktop browser

    set scrollerAutoRefresh to null
    plugins: [{    
        type: 'pullrefresh',
        scrollerAutoRefresh: null
    Now, it's scrolling right

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    Hello, anybody?

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    Tried to see your example but it says the source of the feed was down.

    Kevin Jackson
    [i]Sencha Support Team[i]

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