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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently in the process of evaluating toolkits that could be used by the company I work for to build internal applications. I work for a community college with a few full time programmers. Our main strengths are in php and java. Most of our current work is done in php. Recently we have been exploring ajax and had much success with jQuery. However, we now need something more powerful. I have a few projects on my plate that would be better served by a full framework rather than me recreating tons of widgits using jQuery. So I began my search this week. Two of the projects we may be releasing under the GPL (Still in discussion).

    I've come to the conclusion that my needs can be met with both dojo and extJS. Being new to this area of web development (Most of our previous projects had very little javascript, and only in the last few months have we done a lot of javascript work). I am not really sure what is going to be the best path. I plan to use both toolkits to implement a small project to get a feel for how the toolkits work in practice. However, I would really like to hear the opinions of users who have used both toolkits, what they liked and disliked, and why they decided to go with the toolkit they selected. I would also be very interested to read any tips and common pitfalls you think I should be aware of.

    Thank you in advanced. I hope I didn't just ignite a hot topic.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The best tip I can think of is to become comfortable with advanced Javascript development before diving into tackling Ext programming.

    Being able to create your own Javascript classes, understanding about a class's prototype, and function scope will help a lot.

    Understanding about the inherent asynchronicity of Ajax is essential.

    Perhaps 50% of the questions asked on the forum are not down to problems with the Ext API, but due to lacking the requisite Javascript skills.

    When beginning to develop with Ext, the first step would be to study all of the 70 or so examples in the installation's examples/* directories. They illustrate most of the standard techniques that you will use.

    Then, rather than diving straight into developing your application, and immediately getting bogged down in massive complexity, develop some lightweight test pages in an examples/* directory which test techniques that you think you will need.

    Develop each technique in isolation in a small test page, and you will always have something to refer to, and importantly, a test page you can post up here, we will be able to drop it into our examples/* directory and run it so we can help.

    If you start from first prinicples, and build up, I'm sure you will find it all slots together beautifully. That's the strength of Ext IMNSHO, its integration into an overarching scheme which manages the UI as a whole.

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