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    Hello, i'am a new sencha developer. I build application in Sencha Architect 3 and get a promblem in my application, my application don't show in browser. I look at Console - Chrome Developer Tools and error show :

    ext-dev.js:10451 GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

    Please help me to fix the problem. Thank for all

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    At first glance, it would seem that it timed out trying to reach the content at that URL. Seems to load fine for me. Are you able to reach it from the machine on which you are running your application?

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    Thanks for your time Gary. in my machine this application running well. What this problem about my online server? i already reupload my ext folder but still show this error. you have any solution to my problem? thanks

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    Have you checked the root path for the ext folder in your app?
    Does it have a leading forward slash and if your app is being served from a sub folder then the /ext directory that it will be looking for is in the root of the web server, not the same folder that your app is in.

    You should look at using the sencha cmd build to compile your js into a single file, which will make it much easier.

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