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Thread: Subclass of store does not load in grid

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    Default Subclass of store does not load in grid


    I have created a class like

     Ext.define('abc.StoreService', {
             extend: '',
             autoLoad: true,
             autoSync: true,
             proxy: {
                 type: 'memory',
                 reader: 'json',
                 data: [{
                     date: "2016-07-15",
                     arrival: 'Foo',
                     dep: 'abc'
         Ext.define('abc.mystore.Store', {
             extend: 'abc.StoreService',
             alias: 'Abc Store',
    But if i use in grid like

        store: 'abc.mystore.Store',
    or use

        store: 'Abc Store',
    it does not load the store data. Is there any thing wrong i am doing?

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    Check out this fiddle example:
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