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Thread: Iframe is reloading on resize

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    Default Iframe is reloading on resize

    In our application we have the need for an iframe. This was working fine until we looked at IE and Firefox and noticed that on resize of the container holding the iframe the iframe was reloading. This is cauing issues with loosing the state the frame was in.

    I noticed some people had issues with ExtJS 4.1 but appeared to be fixed in ExtJS4.2

    Has any one else had any issues with this? I can try and create a fiddle for it but dont have time tonight and thought I would see if anyone else has seen this before and has a solution.

    We are using ExtJS 5.1. The resizing is done via adding resizable: true, to the

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    I haven't heard of this myself. It would be helpful to see this in a test case.

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