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Thread: Store sync failure function never triggered

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    Default Store sync failure function never triggered

    I'm writing data in an external database through a Sencha Touch App. I need to handle the response of the web server in both success and failure cases. I'm calling the sync method of a store object in this way:
            callback: function(batch, options) {
            success: function(batch, options) {
            failure: function(batch, options) {
    My web server responses, in case of success and failure respectively, are:
    {"message":"Test message","errors":null,"success":true,"data":[]}
    {"message":"Test message","errors":null,"success":false,"data":[]}
    On first case success and callback functions of sync method are executed, on second case nothing happens.
    I think it's a bug, there's a way to fix?

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    Sounds like this issue:

    I don't yet have a workaround for this, though one is discussed in that thread.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    Operationally the issue is the same, but the correction code proposed in the thread is already present in my version, so at the code level the problem is another.

    I hope I'll find a workaround.

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