I'm not sure which forum is correct for this quesion (if any), but what is relation of Sencha and RaphaelJS?

RaphaelJS site is down for some time now, and Dmitry Baranovskiy says he doesn't control domain anymore - https://github.com/DmitryBaranovskiy...ment-186075961

whois lookup says that Sencha owns domain

Registrant Contact

Name: Srinivasan Mohan
Organization: Sencha Inc
Mailing Address: 1700 Seaport Blvd Suite 400, Redwood City California 94063 US
Phone: +1.8002122802
Fax Ext:
Email: [email protected]

I mean, I know he worked for Sencha, and I guess Sencha sponsored RaphaelJS (directly or indirectly) and that's why domain is owned by Sencha. But right now it seems like site not working, BUT http://www.raphaeljs.com/ is redirecting to http://dmitrybaranovskiy.github.io/raphael/ . Is it possible also to redirect http://raphaeljs.com/ as well to that same address? My knowledge of DNS is pretty basic, so I'm not sure how exactly that stuff working (including financial side of things)