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Thread: Failed to resolve package classic and other package build errors

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    Default Failed to resolve package classic and other package build errors

    I have a repository where I keep all of my packages, which were created and built on my machine. These changes are committed to an SVN repo for others to checkout and commit to. Up until this point, I've been the only developer working in this repo, and because these packages were built on my machine, I haven't had an issue, but if I make a clean checkout of this repository, I get errors:
    Failed to resolve package classic
    Failed to resolve package theme-crisp
    Toolkit "classic" not found
      "framework": "ext",
      "theme": "theme-crisp",
      "toolkit": "classic",
      "name": "Viewer",
      "namespace": "Viewer",
      "type": "code",
      "creator": "Me",
      "summary": "Viewer",
      "detailedDescription": "Viewer",
      "version": "1.0.9",
      "compatVersion": "1.0.0",
      "format": "1",
      "slicer": {
        "js": [{
          "path": "${package.dir}/sass/example/custom.js",
          "isWidgetManifest": true
      "output": "${package.dir}/build",
      "local": true,
      "sass": {
        "namespace": "Viewer",
        "etc": ["${package.dir}/sass/etc/all.scss", "${package.dir}/${}/sass/etc/all.scss"],
        "var": ["${package.dir}/sass/var", "${package.dir}/${}/sass/var"],
        "src": ["${package.dir}/sass/src", "${package.dir}/${}/sass/src"]
      "classpath": ["${package.dir}/src", "${package.dir}/${}/src"],
      "overrides": ["${package.dir}/overrides", "${package.dir}/${}/overrides"],
      "requires": []
    It feels like the build cannot find the ext dir, which is odd, as it builds just fine on the original directory. However, I was able to generate a log running sencha -sd, which showed me all of the environment variables, and there are a couple that look suspicious (mainly framework.classpath):
    ext.dir : C:\Sencha\Controls/ext : ${package.output.base}
    framework.classpath : C:\Sencha\Controls\packages\Viewer/src
    framework.dir : C:\Sencha\Controls\ext
    A couple of notes:
    • Minimized the full path being displayed here... Sencha dir contains my Controls workspace, which contains my packages, ext dirs
    • These paths are all valid, but I figured the framework.classpath would point to somewhere in the ext dir?

    Not really sure what the problem is here... like I said, originating directory builds just fine, but once I checkout into another directory or on a different machine, I get these errors. Anyone have an idea of what's going on here? Is my classpath set up incorrectly? If so, how do I change Sencha Cmd environment variables?

    Other information:
    • Sencha Cmd
    • Ext JS 6.0.2
    • packages were generated by running sencha generate package packageName

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    I was doing something dumb... please delete this thread.

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    Glad to hear you've sorted it out, and thanks for following up here.

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    I have also spent some time finding out why it was not working (and I have done quite a lot of packages).
    Here a small resumé:

    Sencha CMD (early build)

    Ext in folder /ext621 (of the workspace, created after a sencha workspace add framework)

    Kind of package to build:
    -framework: ext
    - toolkit: classic

    sencha generate package --framework ext621 --toolkit classic --name YourPackageName

    Source code goes in:

    If it is only code then you can change your .sencha.cfg:

    # Custom Properties - Place customizations below this line to avoid merge
    # conflicts with newer versions
    to avoid sass compilation errors.

    After this my Ext.grid.Panel dependency problems where over.

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