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Thread: tbspacer is not found

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    Default tbspacer is not found

    Dear sirs,

    I have such structure
    tbar: [
            {text: '????????', iconCls: 'fa fa-plus', handler: 'addTask'},
            {text: '?????????????', iconCls: 'fa fa-pencil-square-o', handler: 'editTask'},
            {text: '???????', iconCls: 'fa fa-times', handler: 'deleteTask'},
            {xtype: 'tbspacer', width: 70},
            {text: '?????????', iconCls: 'fa fa-play',handler: 'startTask'},
            {text: '??????????', iconCls: 'fa fa-stop', handler: 'stopTask'}

    I get error in the browser console '(index):68 GET http://localhost/widget/tbspacer.js?_dc=20160623151649 404 (Not Found)', after I have executed command 'sencha app build production'. How can I resolve this error?

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    Make sure the class defining 'tbspacer' xtype is used or required in the class you use this `tbar` config.

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