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Thread: Boolean not updated in RowEditor

    This issue duplicates another issue.
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    Exclamation Boolean not updated in RowEditor

    Values of checkboxes in roweditor won't get updated

    Ext version tested:
    • Ext
    • Changed values of checkboxes (boolean fields) will be ignored in roweditor

    Steps to reproduce the problem:

    • Open the RowEditor and click update without changing anything
      • *Edit: seems to make no difference if you skip this first step
    • edit the record true/false and click update
    • Value won't change in console
    If the version of the Fiddle is changed to 6.0.1, everything works as expected (values will change every time)

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    I'm not really sure if this is related, but the checkboxfields in my apps forms do not update the binded object values aswell....


        xtype: 'checkboxfield',
        inputValue: true,
        bind: '{document.orderable}',
        fieldLabel: Ext.locale.document.oderable
    form.getValues returning name 'undefined' for the checkboxfield:
    • combobox-1086-inputEl:"ar"
    • tagfield-1091-inputEl:Array[1]
    • textareafield-1087-inputEl:""
    • textfield-1085-inputEl:"Test2"
    • textfield-1088-inputEl:""
    • textfield-1089-inputEl:""
    • undefined:true
    object value stays unchanged

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    It's not exactly a bug but simply bad default checkboxfield config.
    Here is a working version of your fiddle.

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    thanks for the response! Indeed, thats a bad default configuration in the new version....

    I tried a little bit with my form-bind, but no success; my model won't be updated. Do you have any idea what i'm doing wrong?


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    Bad default config values are nothing new.
    Can you create a new fiddle showing how you are binding the value?

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    Bad default config values are nothing new.
    Wouldn't be that bad if they were consistent between versions

    Anyway, while making the fiddle i mentioned that the fiddle works - found a presence validator on the boolean field in my model, which was leading to the change rejections ... (is this normal?!)

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    I've encountered the same problem but in my case the default values of the checkbox field are ok to use the boolean model column but the use a BufferedStore is the issue.
    It seems it either doesn't support sync, like add and insert, although the docs say so or something else which stores the modification state of the boolean column in our model.

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