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Thread: Asynchronous Event Listner for any beforeXXXXX event

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    Default Asynchronous Event Listner for any beforeXXXXX event

    ExtJS provides many before events which are cancellable if the listener returns false.

    My question here is how to write an async event listener, like on closing Window/Tab show user a confirmation message dialog box.

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    @hakimio, Thanks for sharing the solution, the solution works well when having only one before event and having async listener for it.

    In our case user's action is triggering multiple events in the sequence, and success of first event will decide on triggering next events in the chain.

    For example:
    RowModel -
    1. beforedeselect
    2. deselect
    3. beforeselect
    4. select
    5. selectionchange

    The above mentioned events occurs in sequence when user tries to change selection in GridView/TreeView. In this scenario we would like to provide confirmation message to user when selection change occur. And based on user input selection should retain or change to the new selection.

    I can think of similar approach to be taken here as well by following steps:
    1. On "deselect" set the component property "old_selected".
    2. On "beforeselect" set the component property to "new_selected". and return false. Then show confirmation message.
    3. On Yes, select "new_selected"
    4. On No, select "old_selected"

    But again the question is when on No the "old_selected" gets selected it should not raise "selectionchange" event.

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    How about simply returning false from all of the "before" events and then simply manually selecting the record which user intended to select in the first place if he confirms the action? Then in case, he declines, you don't have to do anything. Everything stays the same.

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