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Thread: JSESSIONID being mangled on ajax call with CORS

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    Default JSESSIONID being mangled on ajax call with CORS

    I have an application that access a server by REST:
    http://localhost:1841/ => http://localhost:8080/goraexplorer/

    When I request /login, I get a JSESSIONID in the response.

    Then I request /profile, and the client sends a different JSESSIONID!.

    If I do this same thing all in http://localhost:8080/goraexplorer/ (not depending on CORS), everything works.

    The login is made with a form.submit(), and the profile is get with a call to model.load():

    proxy: {
    type: 'rest',
    url: 'http://localhost:8080/goraexplorer/users/profile',
    appendId: false,
    withCredentials: true

    This is the login preflight:
    This is the login, where you can see setting JSESSIONID=8B1CF... :

    This is the profile preflight:

    And this is the profile, where you can see it sends a wrong (don't know where it gets from) JSESSIONID=992610...:

    ExtJS version

    Any clue? Thanks!!

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    Ignore this question. It seems it is a mix of a miscofiguration + some bug in Spring 4.2 with CORS.

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