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Thread: How to move taskbar to top in desktop demo

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    Default How to move taskbar to top in desktop demo

    Hi ,everyone.I am new in Ext,now i need help!~
    I'm working with desktop demo in examples.I want to move the taskbar to the top,how to do it?(Notice:change StartMenu to down Pop-up)
    you can mail the answer to :[email protected]


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    You chose one heck of an example to dissect to learn ext.

    i only wish I had more free time to continue work on my OS-Ext conversion

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    yes i think so!~
    i have got the answer by read the document of Ext.
    Step 1.
    Edit desktop.html
    HTML Code:
    <div id="ux-taskbar">
    	<div id="ux-taskbar-start"></div>
    	<div id="ux-taskbuttons-panel"></div>
    	<div class="x-clear"></div>
    change them to the top of the <body>

    Step 2.
    Edit TaskBar.js

    HTML Code:
    menuAlign: 'bl-tl'
    change 'bl-tl' to 'bl'

    I come from China ,and my English is not very well.
    So it's too hard for me without any Chinese document.But i will work on it and not give up.

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